How To Make An App Like Uber In 2022

You can read more about hiring the right mobile app developer in Idea Maker’s extensive guide. Did you know that 93 million people worldwide use Uber each month? The Uber app has revolutionized public transportation and taxi services with its user-friendly features. Based on the data already gathered, build the optimal UX and UI to make your application simple for users and drivers. The convenience and speed that comes with on-demand service providers ensure that there is no dearth of customers for such businesses.

That’s why we recommend leaving all important decisions on the tech stack to the technical team. Imagine creating a vehicle with tools designed for constructing buildings. Add all these days and you will get 66 days for building the initial version for your Uber-like app. We strongly recommend you create a flexible system of reviews with the most objective criteria for building user ratings.

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The database is required to scale data horizontally the system should be able to read because of the constant notification of GPS location. Uber uses Redis and Schemaless which is used for long-term data storage. The dispatch system operates on maps, locations, GPS, data, and mapping. Uber uses the Google S2 library to calculate the details of the map by dividing them into details. The Google S2 helps in storing the data and distributing it easily in the system. You will have an insight into the languages Uber uses in this section to make their app.

how to create an app like Uber

If they choose to reject the request, it will be forwarded to the next nearest driver. Why waste your time in understanding the market and gaining expertise in development? We build future-ready, scalable apps for our clients that rock the market every time.

Ignoring The Platforms Branding

Thanks to a vast selection of apps, making extra cash has never been easier. Learn how much the best money-making apps offer and how to tell if an app is legit. Smart drivers also pursue big events, holidays and other peak surge times. Both Uber and Lyft clearly state that earnings vary based on a long list of variables. The drivers who can plan for those variables and work them to their advantage are the ones who earn the most.

Similar to Uber Eats, you can provide notifications at various stages. You can create an app like Uber Eats by integrating some of the key advanced features that it offers. But, it is not easy to identify features that offer your food delivery app an advantage over your competition. You can create an Uber-like app using different technology. You can either build a hybrid app that can work on both android and iOS or a native app that works on either android or iOS.

For example, if a passenger hires a car while drunk and disorderly, they could cause issues for the driver. The driver can note this experience in their how to create an app like Uber client review, making their behavior known to others. The geo-tracking features mean drivers don’t have to travel from one end of a city to the other.

  • Instead, we strongly recommend you rely on a smaller team of developers with the required vision and expertise.
  • Once the order was accepted by a driver, users can see a car’s geolocation on the map.
  • That’s when you go for your apps’ optimization, support, and maintenance.
  • Since bill splitting is so popular these days, this feature might make your app blow up.
  • It is no secret that every client wants to know what the app is going to cost them.

Driver’s applications show things that are related to them and clients’ theirs. Differentiating makes the working much more effective and thus makes the whole Uber experience a lot smoother. This is something that taxi app development solution usually includes. SMS services are not something your app cannot live without- but they are very helpful. For instance, in some cases, the users may be facing internet issues and may fail in receiving regular notifications from the app. How do they know their ride’s status now that they can’t even refresh the app?

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Speaking of which, taxi booking apps are some of the most popular on-demand apps. As we already know, Uber itself is the world’s largest taxi booking application. While almost everyone already knows how it works, let’s look at it briefly. When the company has made you an app like Uber, the time is to deploy it. The taxi booking application is first deployed in a live environment.

how to create an app like Uber

The number of features you’d want to include in both applications. To eliminate human mistakes, payment applications like Uber employ cards and wallets. When taking card/wallet payments, the organization must satisfy certain conditions.

Major Stakeholders In An App Like Uber

As a result, the best way to conceptualize your own Uber app is to look in more detail at the platform’s basic features. After understanding your audience, you can begin designing your Uber-like app’s functionality and UX. Uber is a car-for-hire service that connects nearby drivers to customers through intelligent algorithmic technology. Uber is different from regular taxi services, as drivers cannot pick up just any customer off of the streets.

how to create an app like Uber

If you are up for this, let us look at how the Uber Eats business model works. According to many restaurant owners, even though Uber Eats is a popular service, it tends to bring down the profit margins of restaurants. The overall number of Uber journeys for 2021 was 6.3 billion trips compared to 7 billion in 2019.


We will work with you to ensure that your app has all the features you need. Keep your application current with the needs and demands of the market. Every hailing app is developed with the goal of generating a handful of ROI. You must make a decision about how to monetize your application and develop a thorough monetization plan.

You could also consider using a no-code platform like for a low-cost development with basic functionality. Although a development company may include post-development support as a service, many fail to follow through when the time comes. You can check whether a developer provides post-release support by examining the quality of their preexisting apps. If the apps function smoothly and appear well-maintained, then it’s likely the company will offer excellent support options.

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The most popular categories of apps in the App Store.

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Customers may use a geolocation map to track their ride updates. It contributes to the growth of trust and confidence in taxi services. On average, the cost of developing an app like Uber can range from USD 33,000 to USD 70,000 in India. To avoid any human errors, apps like Uber implement payment through cards and wallets. There are specific requirements that the company needs to fulfill while accepting card/wallet payment. Aside from integrations, the planning process includes defining other technologies and programming languages.

These ratings further help other riders to choose better for their trip. It noticed a common pain point, developed a solution to address it, and in doing so, completely revolutionized the way people looked at taxi-booking as a service. Due to Uber’s simple and easy-to-use features, it has earned great popularity across the globe. The more features you want to implement, the higher will be the cost.

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It rather earns its profits by hiring drivers who already own a vehicle- thus acting as a mediator between the passenger and the driver. The admin panel is very important, as it connects both the panels mentioned above. A user can customize it with features like analytics, regular reporting, passenger management, etc.

Uber-like app development is a challenging process without expert technical knowledge. At Idea Maker, we can help you build a high-quality mobile app like Uber. Our professional software developers are ready to provide you with an app that exceeds your expectations. Now that you have established the fundamentals of your app, you are ready to enter the app development stage. If you have limited technical knowledge, it’s a good idea to hire a dedicated mobile app development company, like Idea Maker.

The app would then search for drivers closest to your vicinity. You will need to create all these three parts of the application. With your application and create a comprehensive monetization strategy. Let’s take a look at some of them to better understand how to calculate the final cost of your application. Waiting time – if the waiting time is longer than 5 minutes, passengers are charged additionally.

Whether it goes about reviewing the user history, searching for locations, or any other service provided by the app, a search bar is a must. For example, a list of taxi categories or a listing of drivers in case your app allows you to choose a driver. Read this chapter to know how long it will take you to create a marketplace app similar to Uber and how much such a project will cost you. Uber-like apps and online marketplaces are quite trendy these days and provide a lot of opportunities to potential investors. Basic features for drivers are reporting, route optimization, 'active/inactive' button, calling to a passenger, etc.

The app was first released in San Francisco and has since expanded to include over 600 cities worldwide. Uber has faced criticism for its surge pricing model, which increases fares during high-demand periods. From booking a taxi to ordering food, there’s an app for it. Uber has integrated Google Maps onto their iOS and Android applications. It does not, however, rely only on Google Maps and, on occasion, prefers to buy mapping technology companies to tackle logistical problems. It uses the CoreLocation framework for iOS and Google’s location APIs for Android to determine the device’s position.

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