About Us



  • To support deserving families providing required goods and services to make them happy and healthy as well as to empower them to become proud citizen of Canada so they have bright future and eventually they serve community
  • To endeavour for each person to attain a sense of peace, be fed and feel that help is just a phone call away
  • To operate as a non-profit organization as guided under Societies Act of Alberta, Canada

AFF is a newly established non-profit organization however; it has been operational in Calgary, Alberta since June 2020. We are trying to get charitable status of this organization from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and then we will be able to issue Tax Deductible Receipts for donations.

AFF collects general donations, zakat-ul-Maal and sadaqah to help people in need for food and other necessities. Other necessities may include but not limited to medicine (for people who has no access from insurance / other sources), education, and support for getting work, resume building and guidance to international students landing in Calgary

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