portrait of a happy and diverse volunteer group hands raised

AFF is fortunate as we always have volunteers available for any and every event. 

However; we look forward more volunteers as our operation increases. AFF appreciates members who raise their hand to be available when we need.

Board Members
Shaheen Nawaz (2
Shaheen Nawaz

Shaheen Nawaz is an SCM professional and has been working in Canada since 2000. He is passionate to serve the community and volunteer. He has served Islamic Centre of South Calgary (ICSC) from 2014 to 2017 as Director, Secretary and Vice President. He has joined various events under the flag of Muslim Families Network Society (MFNS) and Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC). 

Shaheen envisions attaining high degree of respect for people, equality and opportunity for all and to create harmony, unity and trust and use our strength in all walks of lives.

Iqbal Khan
Iqbal Masood Khan
Vice President

Iqbal Masood Khan is an IT professional and has been in the field for the last 25+ years. Iqbal is a real driver in AFF and takes care of large number of responsibilities. 

Iqbal is sponsoring some charity projects in Pakistan as well. He joined AFF since early 2021. Before joining AFF, he has served various charitable organizations in Calgary.

Muhammad Afroz Alam

Muhammad Afroz Alam is an Account Manager in a large group of companies in Calgary and has been in this profession for 25 years.


Muhammad started AFF journey with his extended family members without any label. Slowly and gradually, it became “Food Drive”. Under the banner of Food Drive, we approached our friends and relatives and Alhumdulillah, the seed has now became a tree, in the shape of the Assured Family Foundation.


Muhammad has been serving as volunteer for different charitable organizations in Calgary. His vision is to grow AFF to its ultimate so no one sleeps without food.

Tauqeer Ahmed (1)
Tauqeer Ahmad

Tauqeer Ahmad is an engineering veteran and has long history of working in Energy sector.

Tauqeer has been instrumental in various community organizations and help lot in his personal capacity and with his social network. Tauqeer is hard working and brings ideas how to improve system of this organization so operations move on smoothly and the deserving families get help and support what they deserve. Tauqeer focuses on continuous help and enhance to support more than the basics.