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Next-gen operations at scale, with pure Python infra-as-code, from bare metal to containers and applications. I want to advocate for better digital literacy because technology is moving exponentially and as time goes by, if no action is taken the digital divide will become almost un-closable.

Around 5 years ago she was fortunate enough, through her employer, to go to Oxford University and do a master’s degree. Not only did she write her dissertation about the digital divide, which piqued my interest in tech, but she also showed me that a career is an ever-evolving thing and that learning and growing are natural, positive and essential. There are open Devops Engineer jobs in several cities including London, Manchester, Leeds, Cambridge, Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Belfast, Glasgow, Reading. QA Homepage We may monitor or record telephone calls for training, customer service and quality assurance purposes, and to detect or prevent crime. Our DevOps Engineer Level 4 apprenticeship focuses on implementing and facilitating the use of DevOps practices within a business. We are hiring a skillful and enthusiastic DevOps Engineer to join our team of professionals at SEPA Cyber Technologies.

What is the salary trajectory for a Devops Engineer?

Californian software engineering services company Calsoft reported that in 2017, 78% of CIOs and CTOs considered implementing DevOps into their organisation (a 4% increase on 2016). With a further increase anticipated this year as multiple tech businesses realise the benefits of DevOps Engineers that can work across functions, now is the time forge a sustainable career in the field. Combining technical know-how with critical communication and operational skills, DevOps is a flourishing IT philosophy, which can transform an organisation’s ability to deliver applications and services at pace and scale. As well as a tech phenomenon, it’s now a strong career prospect, open to a broad range of professionals within the IT space, as well as those with process-oriented backgrounds. Commonly referred to as ‘DevOps engineers’, development operations engineers support the development and operation of software through tools, environments and practices.

  • Invest in continuous learning, both your own development and others, ensuring learning activities dovetail with changing job requirements.
  • Our European headquarter is located in Hoofddorp – The Netherlands.
  • Through my work, she’s been looking at how she can develop professionally.
  • Your efforts contribute to enabling 20+ million researchers to solve global challenges across the world of science.
  • Interpret logs and metrics data within the appropriate context to identify issues and make informed decisions.

You will bring your experiences, best practices, and a collaborative attitude to help drive and influence DevOps initiatives. You can effectively communicate with our product and data teams to orchestrate the creation of solutions that can scale. A principal DevOps engineer leads and plans development across large or multiple teams, defining the strategic vision for delivery. A lead DevOps engineer leads one or a small number of related project teams and contributes to the development of the strategic direction. There are 2 different roles at this level - a technical role and a management role. A DevOps engineer delivers automated software components that form part of a development operations toolchain.

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We won several awards like the IAB MIXX Award for the “Best MarkAd-Tech Tools” and the Digital Wallonia Startup of the year how to become a devops engineer award. If you’re looking for a career where you can make a real impression, join HSBC and discover how valued you’ll be.

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